The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew will celebrate the autumn season with a brand new festival and exhibition in October.

The exhibition aims to showcase “the transient and reflective beauty of nature and our connection with the natural world”.

Dotted around Kew’s Arboretum and among the trees will be 16 works of art by four different artists from October 7 to 29.

Made entirely from natural materials, the pieces of environmental art will be site-specific, reflecting Kew’s changing environment.

The exhibition in The Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, from October 7 to March 11, will include a vast, interactive installation by the British artist Rebecca Louise Law.

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian preserved funeral garlands of Ramesses II in Kew’s own collection, dated to 1300BC, Law will suspend 1000 individually sewn hanging garlands, composed of approximately 375,000 preserved plants and flowers.

Gina Koutsika, head of visitor programmes, Events and Exhibitions at RBG Kew said: “I am really delighted that Kew will be transformed into a treasure trove of outstanding art works this autumn.

“The Gardens are such an inspiring place during this captivating season, but when you add in 16 brand new works of art and our gallery bursting with colour and talent, it creates an unmissable experience. I cannot wait to share with our visitors and friends such an immersive and interactive side of Kew.”

Rebecca Louise Law said: “I am honoured to be creating an installation that takes its inspiration from The Shirley Sherwood Collection, Herbarium and Economic Botany Collection, showcasing the wonder of the flower and its material properties.

“This artwork ‘Life in Death’ will allow the viewer to interact with nature without the constraints of time by delaying decay and extending the flowers material value.

“Every flower will be dried, preserved and entwined with suspended copper wire creating a physical journey through flowers beyond fresh and preserving life within death.”