+richmond practice director Mrs Johanna Renz presented the annual +richmond practice award to Youssef Elmorsy at the German School London (DSL) on 6 July 2017. 

Youssef prepared two projects about reptiles in great detail and presented them to the class. Furthermore, he prepared a very sophisticated presentation about eating disorders where he drew his own graphs and came up with great ideas.

Youssef Elmorsy is an exceptional learner who seems to love biology. He exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom. Youssef has shown continuously exceptional enthusiasm for classroom activities.

Since the beginning of the school year, he has shown initiative and always looked for ways to get involved and be challenged. In various projects this year he showed an impressive understanding and depth of knowledge and he sought additional information voluntarily that piqued his interest. He is a self-motivated student who is very capable of working independently on biological projects and has created impressive home projects this year.

The award is given by +richmond practice doctors to support creative projects and the best students. For graduates, the practice has also been offering an internship since 2014, with enough experience prepares them to apply for a place in medical school after working in a medical environment.

Article supplied by Ildiko Fekete