SIT STOP is a local initiative to get shops and businesses to offer a seat to anyone to needs to sit down. If you see this logo, feel free to use a seat. You don’t need to be a customer.

Following an event held recently called The Richmond Partnership, local community groups met public and private contacts and this has led to two new SIT STOPs in Richmond.

They are estate agents John D Wood & Company and opposite Décor Express both in Lichfield Terrace, Sheen Road. This means there are now four in Sheen road as Waitrose and Woolgars support the scheme too.

Edward Hall, the Branch Manager for John D Wood & Company said “this is an initiative that we support – simple, straightforward and generous – come and SIT with us anytime”. 

If you know a shop or business that would like to support SIT STOP by displaying a sticker then email
For other SIT STOPs in the borough see

Article supplied by Lydia Parbury