Earlier on in the year I was driving home from Chiswick where I work and received an important telephone call. Instead of breaking the law and taking the phone call when driving I pulled off the main road in Brentford on to a small side road to then answer the phone.

The road I happened to stop down is called Goat Wharf and I stopped on the left hand side of the road as per the first picture.

Within a month from this date I received a penalty notice fining me for parking in a prohibited area. I wrote back to contest the notice stating I did not stop anywhere where there were signs forbidding me doing so, nor where there yellow or red lines plus I didn't even get out of the car.

I also explained that I would rather stop safely instead of taking a call despite me having Bluetooth (I feel concentration can be limited using this). 

After several letters back and forth the company called "Park Direct UK" are not budging and have now increased the fine. They state there are signs which state parking is not allowed where I was, I disagree.

The next stage would probably be a court hearing. This company does not appear on the accredited parking companies website and citizens advice could not find them either.

It is very unfair what they are doing. I have since been back to take photos and warned another driver who was there waiting to collect someone that he should move otherwise he would probably be fined too. Any comments or info of similar experiences would be welcome.

Article supplied by Dominic Law