Newly registered voters could decide the Twickenham seat in tomorrow’s general election, according to a new study.

There were 3,112 new registrations in the constituency this year – more than the 2,017 votes Dr Tania Mathias beat Sir Vince Cable by in 2015.

The study used data from the Office of National Statistics, the Cabinet Office and the British Election Study to identify 20 seats in which newly registered voters could swing or maintain the 2015 result.

There are a further 51 constituencies in which Ukip and Green Party supporters, who do not have a candidate this time, could also swing the result.

The Greens, who are not standing in Twickenham, received 2,463 votes last time, also enough to change the outcome notwithstanding new registrations.

Former Business Secretary Sir Vince held the seat for the Liberal Democrats from 1997 to 2015, when he was beaten by Conservative Dr Mathias.

He was one of 49 Lib Dem MPs to lose their seats that night.

This study was conducted by The Times and Bureau Local, a project by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism that aims to encourage data-driven collaborative local reporting.