A gorgeous duck has stuck to an annual tradition as she marches her new fluffy ducklings through a Richmond school after using its grounds as a hatching nest.

For more than 20 years a mother duck has arrived at Hampton School in Hanworth Road from Longford River, across it's fields, to safely bring her new brood into the world.

The school once again recently welcomed their yearly visitor who soon filled the school’s halls with the chirps of her nine fluffy ducklings before they helped the happy family find their way back to the river.

Ms Joanne Iredale, a staff member at the school, said: “This year was the first time that we had to escort the brood through the School building but mother duck wasn’t fazed at all and waddled very happily down the School corridor with her babies behind her.

“She was a pro and knew exactly what to do and as we got closer to the end of the field I didn’t need to do much at all, she found the best spot to enter through the fence and led her ducklings safely to the water."

Mr Phil Langton, head of biology, has said that ducks typically live for between five and 10 years so it is likely this proud new parent could be the offspring of an original mother’s daughter or granddaughter.