A masked rabbit who became an internet sensation for waving at drivers in Barnes held a mad hatter’s tea party with a gorilla and a fox on April Fool's Day.

The white rabbit, who was unmasked as Kingston University graduate Spike Mclarrity in November, confused some moviegoers at the Olympic cinema cafe in Church Road on Saturday.

The rabbit went viral last year and prompted national news coverage after he was photographed by numerous passers-by near Barnes Bridge.

Dressed in a colourful waistcoat and scarf, Spike makes the appearances as part of part of a live art performance he has repeated since first dressing up in the costume for an Alice in Wonderland themed Mad Hatters’ tea party.

He appears near the bridge on the first day of every month.

He appeared on Saturday with fellow bunny friend, Marina White Raven and Rebecca West, who was dressed as a fox.

Spike said of his April Fool's extravaganza: "[We had] a Gorilla and a fox, sitting in the Olympic cinema café ordering tea and coffee and then paying with my touch card fully dressed as the rabbit.

"The waiters and waitresses carried on as though this was the norm serving animals."

He was revealed last year to be an artist from Edinburgh. He graduated from Kingston University in 2010 and has continued his monthly performance on Barnes Bridge since November 2015.