Teddington School is celebrating the 40th year in a row they have welcomed students from a German school.

Pupils from Geschwister-Scholl-Schule school in Konstanz will spend a week with the family of their Teddington pen pal this month.

The exchange has also seen hundreds of Teddington students travel to south Germany, with the latest group spending a week there last June.

It was started in 1976 by the two schools to allow pupils experience other cultures and styles of education.

Teddington art teacher and former pupil Dave Reuben was among one of the first group to make the trip.

He said: "It was truly an incredible week. It really stands out as one of my favourite memories of my time at Teddington.

"Although the culture is not dissimilar at the time it all felt so strange and new. I got on really well with my pen friend Sylvia and her family.

"It's wonderful that the children I am now teaching get those same opportunities I had all those years ago."

Headteacher at Geschwister-Scholl-Schule Konstanz Thomas Adam said: "The 40th anniversary of our student exchange with Teddigton School is more than 1000 great relationships and experiences. Just in these days this is not self-evident but practiced tradition.

"We are proud of this stable cooperation, partnership and friendship. We are looking forward to at least another 40 years of a great and wonderful student exchange."

Teddington headteacher John Wilkinson said: "This exchange arrangement has benefited hundreds of students from both schools for four decades.

"It is quite remarkable. It works so well because of the commitment of the staff and at every level teaches the young people how to develop their independence and learn from new people and another culture."