An eyewitness who helped victims of stabbings in a Sainsbury's car park in Hampton this morning has described her disbelief at the attacks.

This morning: Four women stabbed in Sainsbury's car park in Hampton with one sustaining 'life-threatening' injuries

UPDATE: Hampton Sainsbury's stabbing suspect was released by police just hours before knife rampage after attacking officer

One woman has been left fighting for her life and three others were injured after the attack, which happened just after 10.30am near The Avenue, in Hampton.

A man in his 60s was arrested, Metropolitan Police said.

Lisa Rabbetts, who lives in nearby Warner Close, said she was left with a victim's blood on her hands after helping her.

She said: "I was indoors, I heard the helicopter, it was over my house, which is right beside the school.

"I come out and I saw it was hovering and I came out to the corner and I saw it was landing in the school – my granddaughter goes to the school.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

"As I came round I saw all the police everywhere – I ran through to here and I see there’s bodies on the floor.

"Then I’ve run through here and there was another body on the floor over there, which was an older lady.

"And the paramedics were there – and the police. They were trying to get her on a stretcher so I helped her as well because they were struggling to get her on there because she’s an elderly lady.

"And I’ve got blood on my hands – I felt so sorry for her.

"It just doesn’t happen in Hampton – no way does it happen."

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Ms Rabbetts also said she later found out one of the victims was a neighbour of hers, who lives just 'four doors down' from her.

A first-aided from the nearby YMCA building rushed out to assist the victims when members of staff heard screams from the car park.

A spokeswoman from the YMCA Hampton said: "We are glad that one of our staff members was able to use her first aid training to help one of the casualties.

"We are shocked and saddened about what has happened today."

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Danni Fitzpatrick, a supervisor at the nearby Hampton Pub, said police had told her four people had been stabbed.

A woman has been reportedly taken to hospital by air ambulance with back injuries.

The other three, according to Ms Fitzpatrick, are in ambulances at the corner of The Avenue.

She also reported a 'tall man' had been apprehended by police officers at the scene.

Shortly after the attack, Hampton resident Katrina Wateridge tweeted: "Just don't expect events like this to happen."

Borough councillor Gareth Roberts, who represents nearby Hampton ward, said it was 'the last thing you expect to see' in Hampton, describing the attack as 'most disturning'.

Cllr Roberts said: "Of course you just don't expect this to happen in a place like Hampton - it's sounds very violent.

"Hampton is a leafy, quiet part of the borough.

"It's very suburban - it's just the last thing you'd expect to see there."