A schoolboy who suffered a fractured skull and broken bones when he was hit by a falling branch in Richmond Park is making "remarkable progress".

July 23: Boy hit by falling branch in Richmond Park opens his eyes

Sacha Saucek, eight, was on a trip to the park with Kew Riverside Primary when he was struck by the branch which broke his limbs, ribs, pelvis and fractured his skull.

He had his eighth birthday while semi-conscious and was in two induced comas after suffering the tragic injuries.

However, by the end of July, he was showing some signs of communication and his mother says he has made progress in recent months.

Jo Saucek, 36, said: "While Sacha is now thankfully not in need of intensive nursing care, he remains at the Children's Trust for children with brain injury in Tadworth, Surrey and will require ongoing support to reintegrate him back into daily life.

"We are by his side constantly and this is why our friends created a GoFundMe page for us shortly after his accident, because every ounce of support makes a difference at this difficult time."

Kelsea Little, of GoFundMe.com said: "Our thoughts are with the Saucek family during this difficult time.

"It is incredibly touching to see how many people have come together to offer support for their GoFundMe campaign. We hope Sacha makes a full recovery very soon."

Donate to help the Saucek family cover income loss and travel during Sacha's care, by visiting gofundme.com/supportforsacha.