The owner of an illegally moored houseboat was still there yesterday, despite civil action being taken against him by the Environment Agency.

The boat, moored at Sadlers Ride in West Molesey, has reportedly been docked there for over six months, and even appears on Google Maps.

Oct 2: Boathouse moored illegally for so long in West Molesey it's now on Google Maps

A spokesman from the Environment Agency, which monitors the river and owns the land, said it was starting civil proceedings against owner Alistair Trotman.

He had been given until last Friday, October 2, to find somewhere else, but yesterday morning, the boat was still there.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

An aerial view of the boat from Google Maps

Efforts to contact Mr Trotman by the Elmbridge Comet, including a visit to the site yesterday morning have been unsuccesful.

The Environment Agency had previously said: "Earlier this month we served notice on Mr Trotman that his boat is moored on our land without our permission, and as such he is committing a trespass offence.

"We asked Mr Trotman to move his boat within 14 days. He has until Friday, October 2 to comply with this request, and we hope he does so.

"If he does not, Mr Trotman is aware that our legal team will instigate civil proceedings against him through the County Court. This will enable us to take possession of the boat and remove it from our land."

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

The boat still moored on Thursday morning

It is thought that a number of people are living on the boat, which neighbours have previously said is causing a rise in litter and excrement along the pathway.