A supply teacher dismissed from Teddington School has been protesting against the use of private agencies for recruitment and his own "callous" dismissal outside its gates.

Keith Clarke, 57, worked as an agency teacher of economics and business studies at the school for about three weeks but said he was dismissed from his post on September 24.

He stood outside the school for three days this week with a sign that stated his issue was not with the school but with the effect of private agencies, which "suck funds from schools."

Concerns had reached such heights that police officers were called at about 8am on Thursday, October 1.

Mr Clarke also protested at the Labour Party conference in Brighton this week.

He said: "I hope to achieve momentum from enough teachers to put pressure on schools not to use private agencies for recruitment."

Teddington’s head teacher, John Wilkinson, said the school became concerned with Mr Clarke’s work so made the decision to let him go.

He said: "He was very unhappy about that and since then has posted all these things on social media."

He added: "The type of behaviour he has demonstrated is apparently completely out of character."

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Police attended the school to speak with Mr Clarke

Mr Wilkinson said Mr Clarke had glowing references for his work elsewhere.

He said: "I need a supply teacher who is able to work well with children and teach the course successfully and work well in the school environment but he was not able to do those things though I believe he was more than able to do them in the past.

Mr Wilkinson said the school was working alongside police to resolve the situation.

The National Union of Teachers is lobbying supply teacher agencies to highlight the "damaging role they play" in driving down the pay of supply teachers while claiming large fees from schools in central London on Wednesday, October 28.