A Harry Potter actor and his dad were left waiting 90 minutes for an ambulance after the pair were thrown from a motorbike last week.

Martin Herdman, 59, and his son Josh Herdman, 27, who played Gregory Goyle in all of the Harry Potter films, had the accident after the bike skidded on oil in Staines Road, Hounslow.

Both were knocked unconscious and were left waiting with police for an hour-and-a-half for an ambulance to arrive, shortly after 2.30pm on September 15.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Martin Herdman and his son had to wait 90 minutes for an ambulance

Martin, who is also an actor and runs the Herdman Family Carpet Shop in St Margarets, said he was "amazed" at the delay.

He said: "It waas quite a nasty accident, I thought I had broken my shoulder and my son thought he broke his leg and his hand.

"We were left sat waiting on the side of the road with police for about an hour-and-a-half before the ambulance arrived.

"One ambulance going past even stopped to ask what had happened but they either had someone in the back or were on their way to another call.

"We had both been knocked unconscious by the accident and we couldn't believe it."

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Mr Herdman had to wait with police for paramedics

An ambulance eventually arrived and took the father and son to West Middlesex University Hospital for treatment.

Mr Herdman was left with a torn ligament on his ankle, which will take six weeks to heal and has left him unable to move freely.

He said: "Josh was on my back, we were driving down the Staines Road when we went round a mini roundabout and the bike skidded on some oil.

"The wheel slipped on the road and just went - I tried to straighten it up but the back was sideways.

"We were both unconscious for several seconds before coming round."

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Mr Herdman said his elbow injury was "down to the bone"

He said both the police officers and the doctors at West Mid were "fantastic" and apologised for taking so long to reach him.

He added: "They said that with the cuts, they just cannot get to people quickly enough.

"The police couldn't take us to A&E in their car because they are not covered if anything was to happen.

"They said somebody was taken to hospital recently in the back of a taxi cab."

A London Ambulance Service spokesman said they were called at 2.43pm on September 15. An ambulance was sent  at 2.57pm but diverted to a higher priority call.

He said: "A second ambulance was dispatched which was then diverted to a life threatening condition.

"An ambulance crew arrived on scene at 3.59pm.

"We treated both men for injuries and took them both to West Middlesex Hospital.

"We are very sorry that we were unable to be there any sooner; we are very busy and prioritise our patients who are critically ill."