A Billy Ocean concert may have inadvertently sparked fears of an alien invasion in Twickenham, after mysterious lights were seen in the sky.

Residents were left flummoxed by the "weird lights" which appeared above the town last night but it seems it may have been caused by the Isleworth gig.

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Christine Hart, who lives in St Margarets, said she filmed the "bouncing" lights from her home.

She said: "Some of them were disappearing up and down, I said to my son "guess what, I've seen a UFO".

"It was awesome and the most exciting thing I have ever seen."

Ms Hart said she successfully filmed the 'UFOs' in the sky but when she reviewed the video nothing could be seen.

The RTT can confirm that the video does not show UFOs, but appears to be darkened, as if it is filming a black screen.

An entranced Ms Hart's voice can be heard over the top saying: "There's flying lights in the sky. Oh. My. God.

"They all lined up and then they kind of went to one side and then they vanished and they came back and there they are again.

"Now they are making like a shape - this is f**king awesome."

And she was not the only one to be left perplexed by the unusual sky display.

Smiti Lukhman said: "Anyone else in Hounslow seeing these weird lights in the sky?".

@hemal_96 wrote on Twitter: "So those weird lights in the sky were apparently from twickenham stadium".

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Richmond Council said the lights were unlikely to be from Twickenham stadium but said the strange lights could have been from the Redlees Park gig in, which used lasers.

SEPTEMBER 15 UPDATE: An England 2015 spokesman has confirmed it has "undertaken a few lighting tests" at the stadium and said this could be the source of the strange lights.