Despite Three Bonzo’s and A Piano and Bill Posters Will Be Band calling time at the end of 2014, several former members of both outfits decided to draw breath again to launch Bonzo Bills on the unsuspecting public.

Thus two of the illustrious Bonzo’s, Roger Ruskin-Spear, on reeds and vocals, and Sam Spoons, drums and spoons, have joined together with infamous ex-Bill Posters members, Mike Etherington, on cornet, vocals and assorted teapots, Chris Lowe, trombone, ukulele, percussion and vocals and Biff Harrison, banjo, accordion, saw and stravoli.

Also in the line-up is an exciting new addition in the form of Jim Heath, for many years a stalwart with Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra on banjo and guitar as well as special guest , Allan Sokell, the mighty Susaphone, formerly of the Temperance Seven.

The band will be playing some of the Bonzo’s repertoire that we all love and some favourites that Bill Posters have become famous for, as well as new material to create an unusual musical slant on the wild and zany show that made both bands so popular over the years.

Bonzo Bills; The Bull's Head, Lonsdale Road, Barnes; August 8, 7.30pm; £12-14; visit