Gone are those days when a trip to the local pool meant a few lengths of breast stroke - for Hounslow children, things have just got a lot more adventurous.

Swimming is easily one of the most popular sports for children with girls rating it as their favourite.

So Hounslow and five other west London authorities have tapped into this enthusiasm. They have teamed up with Sport England to offer children aged 10 to 14 some aquatic activities with a difference.

Over the next year, children will have a chance to take part in one of many planned events known as Aqua Extreme, organised by the sport partnership, Pro-Active West London.

It is hoped these events will increase children's participation in water sports, open up new opportunities, and encourage them to lead more active lifestyles.

Hounslow's morning of Aqua Extreme took place at Isleworth Recreation Centre during the Easter holidays.

Under the instructor's watchful eye, 36 youngsters took turns trying out diving, mini water polo and Aquafit.

Feedback from children was really positive, with some commenting "it is great fun trying something you've never done before."

Louise Acres, CIP's Programme and Publicity Manager, said: "Aqua Extreme is all about having fun in the water. Our aim is for children to enjoy sports that they wouldn't normally get to experience and, judging by the enthusiasm I've seen, I think we certainly achieved that."

Other activities that will be offered over the next year include synchronised swimming and lifeguarding skills along with more diving and water polo opportunities during the holiday play schemes at local leisure centres, so there really will be something for everyone.

For further details on the events call 0845 456 6675.