A piece of St Margarets’ architectural history will receive a £70,000 face-lift after Richmond Council approved its renovation.

The striking Kilmorey Mausoleum, in St Margarets Road, which dates back to 1854, has a distinctive pink and grey Egyptian design.

Commissioned by the 2nd Earl of Kilmorey, the structure was created in honour of his mistress, Priscilla, when she became ill with a terminal heart condition in 1851.

Director of Kaner Olette Architects Michael Kaner will design the restoration of the boundary walls.

He said: "The shape of the building relates to the shrines at the heart of the Egyptian temples.

"Inside the mausoleum, the Earl installed a marble relief carved in Rome by Lawrence MacDonald which showed Priscilla lying on her death bed, with the earl at her feet and her son Charles by her side.

"Her burial was a private matter and years later Priscilla’s whereabouts were still a secret as the local newspaper at the time, the Middlesex Chronicle, reported that the mausoleum 'contained the body of a dear friend'."

The earl lived in five houses in Twickenham throughout his life, including Gordon House and St Margarets House as well as Orleans House, Cross Deep and Radnor House.

Cabinet member for environment Councillor Pamela Fleming said: "The Kilmorey Mausoleum is an intriguing piece of local history and one of the borough’s hidden gems.

"I am delighted that the council has allocated funding to restore the boundary walls and look forward to seeing the work completed."

The mausoleum is occasionally open to the public and will be part of this year’s London Open House on September 20, between 1pm and 5pm.