Waldegrave School took to the polls with the rest of the country as students learned about democracy in the school's own mock election.

Pupils voted for their favourite candidate on Tuesday, while learning about how the election works by creating manifestos and canvassing support.

Year 7 and year 8 pupils took part with Ria Francis, aged 12 and representing Labour, winning with 30 per cent of the vote.

Election co-ordinator Rose Barling, associate headteacher, said: "It is a great way of encouraging young people to be involved in the election.

"Those who didn’t register to vote in time were really disappointed when they found that they would not be able to vote, a valuable lesson for real life.

"If our results are anything like the real thing it looks like a hung Parliament."

In a previous Waldegrave mock election in 2005, Lucy Hall, now 25, took part and is was standing as an independent candidate for Bermondsey in the general election this year.