A cyclist who was injured in a suspected hit and run is appealing for witnesses to come forward after it shattered her dreams of completing the London marathon this week.

Natalie Turek, 26, was cycling home to Bermondsey after finishing work in Twickenham when she was hit by a car at Richmond at about 5.30pm on Thursday [April 23].

Ms Turek said she had a green light when she was travelling along the A316 but a car, believed to be a light coloured BMW, struck her from behind, leaving her "no time to brake".

She said: "I fell off my bike and my helmet saved my life - my helmet split. The ambulance crew said it had saved my life and I am forever grateful.

"Two lovely ladies, called Eva and Vicky, and a paramedic helped me. The ambulance took close to an hour to get there. I went into shock so I don't remember everything but I remember screaming.

"I cannot thank them enough. They didn't see the car but they stopped the traffic and helped me."

Ms Turek was taken to West Middlesex Hospital suffering from a back injury and was discharged this morning, just two days before she was due to complete the London marathon as part of her training for an iron man challenge.

The car did not stop at the scene of the accident, Ms Turek said, but believes she would have left damage on the vehicle.

Anyone who saw the crash should contact police on 101.