Most parents were able to breathe a sigh of relief last week as 91 per cent of primary school applicants were offered a place at one of their top three choices.

Richmond Council made its initial allocations on reception class places at state-funded primary schools on April 16, with 2,486 parents from the borough applying for a place.

But 114 children were left without a place, although the figure does not include applicants for two free schools, Deer Park and Twickenham Primary Academy, due to open in September.

Those schools will offer 90 places between them.

Of those missing out, 34 children were from Barnes while 28 lived in St Margarets or the east Twickenham area.

A Richmond Council spokesman said: "The council knows from experience that a significant number of parents will be offered places for their children in private schools as well as in state-funded ones.

"Therefore, many places will become available from the waiting-lists.

"All children who are currently unplaced will be allocated a place in the coming weeks and months, well before September."

East Twickenham parent Chris Gallant said his four-year-old daughter did not receive any place, despite living one mile from four schools rated "outstanding" by Ofsted.

He said: "The best case scenario seems to be that we will eventually, just before school starts, be offered a place in a less popular school much further from our home.

"Despite the fact that I have paid a premium for a house that is in a great area with great schools I can no longer benefit from, this means I will be forced to drive my daughter to school, directly passed one of my local schools.

"This is not only bad for the environment and my daughter's education but also bad for business, as my wife and I both work, the logistical nightmare this will cause is highly concerning."