A new free school proposed for the A316 has been branded as "unsustainable and ridiculous" by the Green Party in Richmond.

The party has criticised the Government's plans to open 500 new free schools across the country and Andree Frieze, Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Richmond Park and north Kingston, said the policy had contributed to a schools crisis within the constituency.

Ms Frieze backs protesters against the proposed development of London House in Lower Mortlake Road for Deer Park School and said the free school system is of detriment to residents.

She said: "Councils have a duty to provide enough school places for the children in their borough, but are not allowed to open a new school where and when one is needed, nor can they buy or lease a necessary building.

"The Department for Education (DfE) decides whether to open a school, while Education Funding Authority - the DfE’s funding and compliance agency - handles the supply of a site. Councils can only wait for a free school to apply to the DfE, which then decides on the bid.

"This dysfunctional system is letting down our residents."