A bouncer accused of killing a drinker with a single punch reacted in a flash of anger and frustration' during a row, a court heard on Monday Dramatic pictures taken from the Ealing Broadway pub's closed circuit cameras were shown to the Old Bailey jury.

The pictures showed the moment 27-year-old Nicholas Adam Padget of Chiswick was felled.

Mr Padget, of Heathfield Court, who had been drinking with friends earlier that evening, was struck by bouncer Kevin Griffith, 30, at O'Neill's bar in Ealing Broadway, prosecutors claimed.

The pair had become involved in a row just after 1am on July 2 last year, when the pub was due to close.

Mr Padget, who was two to three times over the legal limit, refused to leave, prosecutor Sarah Whitehouse said.

The pair got into a row, prompting Griffith to hit the 27-year-old in the face.

Griffiths, who was working for the first time that night, claimed he was acting in self-defence, telling police he was struck first.

Opening the trial, Ms Whitehouse said the incident was an over reaction.

She told the court: "The prosecution case is that Nick Padget posed no threat to the defendant - he was too drunk.

"At 5ft 8in he posed no threat to this defendant, who was 6ft 2in, sober and a trained doorman.

"Whatever Nick Padget did, there was no need at all for this defendant to respond in self-defence like he did. He reacted in a flash of anger and frustration."

The jury heard that Mr Padget and his friends had been drinking in a couple of Chiswick pubs earlier that evening. As the night progressed, Ms Whitehouse said, the group went from drinking lager to vodka.

Later on, as the pub was about to close, one witness described Mr Padget as not being able to string a sentence together.

Despite other people being in the bar finishing their drinks, Griffith spoke to Mr Padget, before the pair went outside. After being arrested, Griffith claimed that Mr Padget became abusive.

Griffith's statement indicated that Mr Padget struck the first blow and that he was trying to protect himself.

Griffiths, of Colliers Wood, denies manslaughter.

The trial continues.