The launch of Kingston College’s £10m creative industries centre was interrupted by protesters on Friday but Twickenham MP Vince Cable, who opened the facility, said the demonstration was "a bit of a damp squib".

The opening of the new centre, which will house the college’s creative programmes including media and fashion courses, was attended by representatives from the creative industries, college student delegates and staff.

Business Secretary Dr Cable said he was told beforehand there would be a large-scale demonstration about the cost of tuition fees and education cuts, but there were far fewer protesters than he expected.

He said: "We were promised a big demonstration of 200 people but only about 15 turned up. It was not a big event."

He added: "I think the demonstration was a bit of a damp squib. They [the protesters] were very well behaved and one hundred people came and went.

"The opening was a big success but the demonstration was not."

Richard Donnelly, who attended the demonstration and is part of the Kingston Student Assembly, said about 30 people turned up to protest, including students from Kingston and Roehampton universities.

He said the demonstration was successful in its aim to create an atmosphere in which the Business Secretary is uncomfortable attending a photo opportunity in a college campus.

Mr Donnelly said: "There have been large-scale cuts to courses and staff at Kingston University and across the country.

"We think he [Dr Cable] has been part of that as he is part of the coalition and sat around the table while the cabinet approved these cuts."

College union leader Ant Yates, who helped organise the demonstration, criticised Dr Cable's appearance.

He said: "Cable has to know that he should not use the college to launch his election campaign after the damage he has done to our education system. We feel used."

The new creative industries centre, based on the site of the college’s Richmond Road facility, houses a workshop, television studio and a music suite.