A pop-up gallery hopes to draw on community support after being made to leave its premises in Whitton high street.

Artbox UK opened the borough's first pop-up shop in December 2013 and its owner, artist Sylvie Freullet, said it had "gone from strength to strength".

But it now faces an uncertain future after the shop's landlord sold the building, leaving the Artbox frantically trying to secure a new home.

She said: "Everything was hunky-dory and the agreement originally was that if someone took it on, we would get three months to get out.

"We were supposedly sent a letter, which nobody received, and the agent came in on February 18 and said we should have been out by the day before.

"They said if we were not out by the Monday, they would come in and change the locks."

Ms Freullet said all of the shop's art had gone into storage, while her car has become a 'travelling Artbox'.

She added: "I am really grateful to the owner for letting us use the shop in the first place because he wasn't getting anything for it while we were there.

"I am sad and upset but not angry towards them, he was very supportive and it is just a shame it had to end as it did.

"The most wonderful thing is the comments and messages people have written about Artbox and how much impact it has had."

Artbox ran workshops for children as young as seven to try their hand at skills such as sewing, painting, pottery and paper crafts.

It also provided one-to-one tuition for those who need specialist teaching, such as people with autism, Parkinson’s or physical disabilities.

A petition to save the shop has been launched, attracting almost 100 signatures so far and Ms Freullet is appealing for a sponsor to come forward.

There may be light at the end of the tunnel however as an update on the petition said Artbox had identified a potential new home in Station Approach, Hampton.

To sign to petition, visit thepetitionsite.com/588/757/031/save-the-artbox-uk. For more information, visit artboxuk.net.

Get in touch by emailing artboxuk.gallery@gmail.com or call 07940 460446.