A guerilla marketing campaign saw Reebok logos sprayed on to the pavement using a "legal loophole" to earn the ire of Lord True.

Between eight to 10 of the sports retail giant's logo, along with the slogan "Be more human #breakyourselfie", were believed to have been applied this morning with high pressure water and a stencil.

Lord True, leader of Richmond Council, claimed the organisation challenged the council to use taxpayers' money to sue them when they rasied objections about the advertising tactic.

He said: "First we have multinationals evading tax. Now we have multinationals evading planning rules and seeking to pollute public spaces with their logos free of charge.

"Nothing surprises me now in the arrogant behaviour of giants like Reebok and their agents who fancy themselves impervious to the law."

Lord True added he will write to the chairman of Reebok to express his outrage at the behaviour and said any legal loophole in the law allowing the form of advertising should be closed.

Reebok has been contacted for comment and the logos had since been washed off of pavements.