Hampton's transport infrastructure will suffer a "huge strain" if a large scale residential development is permitted on greenbelt land.

The Jockey Club, which runs Kempton Park, is exploring options to build on the land next to its racecourse in Staines Road East, Sunbury, but at present, there are no immediate plans for a residential development.

A spokesman from the Jockey Club said it is currently reviewing what the constraints are on the estate and trying to establish what their options are.

The spokesman added: "It may lead to a development but I would not at this stage say it was something that is a definite outcome."

A feasibility study into the potential use of the land was carried out in 2013 with a figure of 1,500 homes used as a benchmark for the research process.

But the spokesman added the 1,500 figure was not set in stone and does not mean there is a proposal for any number of homes at present.

Rodney Maddock, of Courtlands Avenue, Hampton, said any development on the site would have a major knock-on impact on Hampton’s infrastructure and would create congestion on the A308.

He said: "We are talking about 1,500 homes and a supermarket which will put a huge amount of strain on the roads and the trains.

"The traffic on that road can be hideous and it is already always very busy in the rush hour. The road is already not capable of dealing with it."

The Jockey Club spokesman said he understood why Hampton residents may have concerns, but the organisation is a long way from submitting a formal planning application for the site, which was given green belt status in 1956.

Spelthorne Council confirmed no planning application has been submitted and it is their policy to protect greenbelt land.

Councillor Stephen Speak, Richmond's cabinet member for transport, said: "I can assure residents that the council will work tirelessly to protect them from negative transport repercussions."