Richmond Farmers' Market will be relaunched in Heron Square, with an opening event featuring author and presenter Bamber Gascoigne.

About 35 new stalls will open at the revitalised market including acclaimed bakers, fishmongers and farmers.

Food traders include Wild Organics, which has a family farm specialising in salads and oriental vegetables, Truffle Paradise with fresh desserts directly from Umbria, Tuscany and Abycina, specialising in traditional east African cuisine.

Bamber Gascoigne has been a frequent visitor to the Richmond Farmers' Market for more than 12 years. He said: "There have been as few as six [stalls] at times and although they were the six that we did use, to somebody coming as a visitor, to see only six stalls in this space looks as though it is dying on its feet.

"It’s wonderful news that there is a game stall coming as we would love to see that again and we will also love to see a good fish stall again as we haven’t seen one here for a long time."

New director Alex Kyriacou has also been part of the market for 12 years and said he feels "a real sense of obligation and pride in giving the Richmond community the prestigious market it deserves".

The market’s opening ceremony takes place Saturday, September 13, at 10am and will be open every Saturday onward.