A prehistoric experience on your doorstep is on offer at Orleans House Gallery throughout the summer.

Dinosaur Raah exhibition has seen The Stables at the gallery transformed into a colourful interactive landscape complete with tall trees, a river, dinosaur eggs in a nest, giant dinosaur models, dinosaur costumes and a shadow puppet theatre.

Working with artist Michelle Reader, more than 700 children contributed their work and 40 original designs are included in the exhibition.

This exhibition is dedicated to biologist, anatomist and palaeontologist Richard Owen, who died in 1892 and coined the term Dinosauria, meaning "terrible reptile" or "fearfully great reptile" and founded the Natural History Museum in London.

Owen lived in the now-demolished Sheen Lodge in Richmond Park.

Dinosaur Raah is the fourth artplay exhibition to date - an exhibition of interactive artwork created by the under fives for the under fives.

Dinosaur Raah; Orleans House Gallery; July 3 to August 31; Free; richmond.gov.uk/dinosaur_raah.