Zac Goldsmith faces being disqualified from driving after pleading guilty to three speeding offences.

Goldsmith, 39, MP for Richmond Park and north Kingston, was caught speeding in Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond, on February 20 this year and on December 4 and 5, 2013, in Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith.

He was caught exceeding the 30mph speed limit in all three cases in a Toyota: driving at 39mph in Richmond and 38mph and 36mph in Hammersmith.

He submitted a guilty plea for all three offences to Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court, but did not attend the short hearing this morning.

Goldsmith, who lives in Church Road, Barnes, could face between three to six penalty points for each speeding offence, which would remain on his licence for four years.

Drivers are allowed a maximum of 12 penalty points on their licence within a three-year period before they face disqualification.

The MP's case was adjourned after the court heard he already had endorsements on his licence, meaning he faces disqualification from driving.

The case will next be heard on July 30 at the same court.