Angry commuters vented their frustrations on Twitter this week following the controversial repositioning of bus stops in Twickenham town centre.

As part of the wider improvements to the town, all bus stops were removed from King Street from June 2.

Instead, bus users must use new or existing stops in Heath Road and Cross Deep, causing headaches for those needing to change buses as part of their journey.

Bus users aired their anger on Twitter, questioning the need for the reconfiguration of the town centre's bus stops.

Fran Perrow said: "So bad that buses no longer stop in King Street Twickenham. Last night there were long queues at the old bus stops.@LBRUT @TfLOfficial".

Meanwhile, Kay Gale tweeted: "The disaster that is new plan #Twickenham: long traffic jams all day, unfriendly bus stops, fewer parking spaces, more danger for cyclists."

Steven Jones was more blunt in his point, commenting: "What idiot from Richmond Council placed the new bus stops in Twickenham.

"Right in front of the the [sic] busiest traffic lights, causing chaos."

And Kerry Lamont took a similar view, tweeting: "Who the [expletive] thought taking the bus stops put out Twickenham high street was a great idea?"

But deputy leader of Richmond Council Councillor Geoffrey Samuel came out in support of the new arrangement, asking commuters to look at the wider picture.

He said: "The bus stop in Cross Deep is next to one of the biggest medical practices in Twickenham - this will be hugely beneficial.

"Everything has its winners and losers and it about trying to make King Street more user-friendly for shoppers.

"I am a great fan of Kingston and visit the town regularly and some years ago they made changes which have benefited it greatly."

The new positions mean passengers who could have previously changed buses at King Street will have two different options to board buses at.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Richmond Councillor Stephen Knight fears this will be problematic for commuters.

He said: "We campaigned against the proposals to move the bus stops from the beginning.

"We felt that moving them would disadvantage bus users, particularly the elderly and those with mobility problems, and make life less convenient for all bus users in Twickenham.

"The new scheme does not give any priority to the needs of bus users - we warned it would cause chaos and it is proving exactly so."

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