Reiki Teacher and local resident Torsten Alexander Lange could barely believe where his beloved Greyhound Lady was fund after running away from a thunderstorm: In Surbiton – a good 5 miles from his home in Ham! “Just imagine how many roads she must have crossed . Even really busy ones!”

And yet, when Lady started to run, he sent her Reiki (spiritual energy – the healing system he teaches) and felt completely calm throughout the wait: “I just knew it would be fine. I could feel the energetic connection to her.”

Collecting her from Surbiton resident Joanna, who had found her looking tired and disoriented, he took her straight to the Vet. He was just as surprised, as Greyhounds don’t often have such stamina. The thunder must have kept her running. To everyone’s amazement, Lady suffered nothing but a number of blisters on her feet! A few days rest and lots of Reiki got her back to normal.

“I feel so blessed having her back! It is nothing short of a miracle” says Torsten. He would love to trace how got all the way to Surbiton. Did anyone spot her on Thursday, 22 May, between 2 and 3 pm?

You can email to or post a comment on Torsten’s blog where he writes about the story: Lady is also the resident dog at Torsten’s Reiki courses held at Barnes Green Centre.

Based on information supplied by Torsten Lange.