Young actors are needed to play John Lennon’s son in a production that puts a twist on the traditional story of The Beatles.

The young proteges selected will appear in Tomorrow Never Knows alongside British actor Ewen MacIntosh, who played Keith in hit sitcom The Office.

The play, running at Hampton Hill Playhouse next month, explores the sequence of events that would have occurred if the Fab Four had split in 1962 and Lennon and McCartney missed their shot at the big time.

It examines the unique relationship between the pair and those around them in a parallel universe, where their former agent Alan Williams - played by MacIntosh - urges them to go it alone and relocate to London.

The play’s writer Mason Phillips said: “We are doing this play because it is the 50th anniversary of when they made Hard Day’s Night at Twickenham Studios.

“We desperately need a juvenile to play a son for John in my play.

“We have a top line cast from the West End coming out to Hampton Hill to showcase this major new work in June, but we are in need of a teenage son for our Mr and Mrs Lennon.

“We will be there on the judging panel and can hopefully put someone on the road to fame and fortune.”

The team are looking for four boys, aged between 12 and 15, preferably with stage experience.

Auditions will take place at Hampton Hill Playhouse on Sunday, May 25, from 10am to 1pm.