Twickfolk will get another infusion of Nashville sound this year with the return of folk artist Melissa Greener to the Cabbage Patch pub.

Last year the self-described “folk crooner” opened for Canadian folk singer Stephen Fearing, and it seems her original blend of quirky lyrics and distinctive voice proved popular, with Melissa now returning as a main act.

Born in Detroit, Melissa’s mother was a classically trained soprano who sang in the lounge of a Playboy Club, while she describes her father as a “politically bent hippy”.

The singer counts her main influences a heady mixture of Motown and classic rock as well as the poetry of Dylan Thomas, Robert Service and Yeats.

Melissa faced rejection on the Nashville music scene and it was not until she began performing in Austin that her musical career really began to take off with her first album Fall from the Sky released in 2005.

Gerry Evans of Twickfolk says: “We sought a swift return for Melissa after she made a substantial impact at Twickfolk last year when she opened for Stephen Fearing.

“An independent American troubadour travelling the continent alone, Melissa presents the full artistic package.

“Sassy singer, virtuoso guitarist, beguiling songwriter and an imposing stage presence to boot.”

Melissa Greener at Twickfolk; The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham; April 27, 7.45pm; £10 or £8 booked in advance; visit