The boys of the Falcons Prep School in Richmond have been commemorating the Centenary of World War One in their Arts department during the past term.

Starting with a an inspirational visit to the Poppy Factory, the boys have created a spectacular mural in their playground dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives and entitled it Lest We Forget. 

It has been created in the style of Banksy, creating stencils based on images and symbols of war and peace, to create a giant poppy.

This work will be the centrepiece of the Falcons school annual arts exhibition which takes place on May 8.

The music department will make its first overseas tour to Belgium at the end if March.

During the week long tour, the Falcons Boys Choir will visit the memorial at Flanders Field where they will lay down a wreath, one they chose during their visit to the Poppy Factory.

The boys with their teachers have worked extremely hard with the various projects covering the events around this momentus centenary year.

Many questions have been asked and discussions have taken place. It has also shown the important role the arts play in the curriculum in bringing history alive to young people .