What an appalling eyesore is the forecourt of Twickenham Station!

The sign on the board "welcomes" travellers and tourists to Twickenham, but for a start the board is illegible due to the illogical placing of the paper recycling bins, just in front of it. Secondly, the bins themselves don’t seem to have been emptied for months, if not years, and all sort of rubbish has accumulated between them and behind them. Shame on Richmond upon Thames Council and/or SW Trains, or whoever else is responsible for the maintenance of that forecourt!

There is a big buzz about how well the borough wants to present “Twickers” for the Rugby World Cup and loads of grand plans are being floated around, but what about starting with little things, like regular cleaning maintenance and logical placing of street furniture/signs?

I can assure you this wouldn’t cost an arm and leg to anyone’s budget… Based on information supplied by Gianfausto WOODS FRESCHI.