Twickenham besides being the home of English Rugby, has also been home to some interesting people. Including a Beatles roadie - who later became the Beatles manager - Neil Aspinall. He was in the same class as Paul McCartney and often had a cigarette with George Harrison who was in the year below at the same school. He drove them to gigs in their early days and later went on to be their road manager and personal assistant in 1965. He lived in a house on Waldergrave Park. He formed Apple Corps and fought with Apple Computers over the name and trademark infringement. When he died his funeral was held in St Mary’s Church, Twickenham and was attended by Yoko Ono and Stella McCartney.

The Twickenham Museum and the website contain interesting information about the people and events that occurred in Twickenham. It is run by friendly local volunteers who are knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions. There is currently an exhibition displaying the transport in and around Twickenham from the 1900’s. The building is interesting as it was left to the Twickenham Society. It is only open a few hours a week but has some information that makes Twickenham seem a little more exciting!

Amongst others, there is information about Professor Cockles a diver who made his equipment out of scrap material and entertained Twickenham crowds from the 1930’s to the 1970’s. He was frequently called upon to rescue items and saved a couple of people from drowning. The museum contains many pieces of equipment that he made and used during his career. He was a Twickenham icon and during the Twickenham festival in 2005, some of his dives were re-enacted.