Twickenham Tories have selected their candidate to take on Vince Cable in the 2015 General Election.

Richmond Councillor Tania Mathias, who represents Hampton Wick ward, saw off competition in Thomas O’Malley, who represents South Richmond, and Richard Reynolds School governor Luke Parker.

Her success came after the Tories opted for an American-style open caucus system which saw the candidates grilled by the public at Clarendon Hall.

And Coun Mathias, an NHS doctor living in Twickenham, believes her medical skills will serve her well when she takes on long-standing Liberal Democrat MP and Business Secretary Dr Cable.

She said: “It is going to be tough but I never intend to do easy things in my life.

“Right now I am hoping my medical background and skills will prove valuable because, as with politics, I am used to listening to people.

“I very much hope for a Conservative majority in 2015 and for me to join Zac Goldsmith and Justine Greening as an MP. That would be very powerful for this part of London.”

Twickenham, a traditionally Tory safe seat until the mid-1980s, has been represented by Vince Cable in Parliament since his 1997 defeat of Toby Jessel.

The open primary, contested last Thursday, was chaired by the Spectator editor Fraser Nelson with residents able to ask questions ranging from Heathrow expansion to Syria.

And Coun Mathias said the evening left her feeling inspired, after meeting and chatting with the 150 Twickenham people who turned out.

She said: “The whole thing made me proud to be political.

“It was great to hear from so many different groups of people and hear what they had to say.

“There were lots of people there who were not party political at all and all I can say is I am delighted to have been chosen and very proud.”