Driving offenders are under fire in Richmond, with static cameras about to start fining people in the worst-affected areas.

Testing was done between May 1 and the end of July, and the scheme will now move into full operation, Richmond Council having taken responsibility for certain traffic offence from the Metropolitan Police in May.

The test showed many drivers flouting the law. For instance, in Hill View Road, Twickenham, between four and 12 drivers a day ignored the no entry sign, risking head on collisions.

Those now caught going the wrong the wrong way down a one-way street, ignoring no entry signs, or stopping in a yellow box, will receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Councillor Chris Harrison, cabinet member for highways and street scene, said: “Enforcing these moving traffic contraventions helps improve road safety and reduce congestion at lots of locations across the borough.

“The move also allows the police to concentrate on their other duties of protecting residents and businesses."

Accidents involving illegal manoeuvres resulted in a number of collisions in the borough last year.

The council has been monitoring the number of offences committed by drivers since it took over responsibility in May for enforcing certain motoring offences.

Camera enforcement signs have now been installed at each location as a warning to drivers.