A writer from Hampton Wick, who has Asperger’s syndrome diagnosed a year ago, aims to raise awareness of the illness.

Alis Rowe, 24, said Asperger’s is becoming increasingly prevalent in women, who often mask or do not talk about their symptoms, which can lead to either a very late diagnosis or no action at all.

She said: “Often people have it but don’t realise what it is or don’t have the strength to ask for help.

“There is a lack of information out there about developing the syndrome in later life.”

Alis is currently editing her book The Girl with the Curly Hair, which talks about her own experience of growing up without a diagnosis, including her tough school and university life.

Her book, Facebook page and website not only aim to help those who may be suffering with Asperger’s syndrome, but also their loved ones.

She makes it clear that both the person with Aspurger’s, as well as their loved one should receive help for an easier and more enjoyable life.

She said: “Being diagnosed with Asperger’s has changed my life for the better.”