The longest-running jazz club in the UK is in danger of being shut down and turned into a restaurant.

The music room at the Bull’s Head in Barnes has hosted big names such as Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger, but now faces being ripped out and turned into a restaurant, after it was taken over by gastro pub group Geronimo Inns.

Barnes resident John Hamshere, 59, set up a petition to save the 60-year-old venue and has collected almost 3,000 signatures.

He said: “I kicked off a petition because I got a bit desperate and thought someone has got to do something.

“The Bull’s Head is a master jewel in the borough of Richmond – it is just something else that the borough has to offer.

“People from all over the globe have performed there and visited there.”

Geronimo Inns promised the Bull’s Head would not lose its status as a world-famous jazz club, despite its plan.

But musicians and regulars at the pub were concerned the club would at best lose much of its mojo.

Architect Dominic Bon de Sousa Pernes, a saxophone player who has performed at the pub, raised concerns about transferring the music room.

He said: “I did my thesis on acoustics and noise and buildings. For them to get it right it is going to cost a lot of money.

“They are going to need to build more walls inside – reducing the space, reducing the capacity.

“My big concern is yes the music may be there in the background but there will be all sorts of problems and then it is going to disappear forever.

“I am not convinced.”

Managing director of Geronimo Inns Ed Turner said he was confident he could keep the pub as a jazz venue, as well as a nice pub where people can enjoy food.

He said: “Pubs nowadays don’t work unless they have food.

“The Bull’s Head is an iconic pub and it needs a lot of investment. I totally understand that people are nervous about it, change is scary.

“Obviously it’s all dependent on planning and licensing.

“If it doesn’t work and we don’t get planning we will start again.

“There will always be live jazz at the Bull’s Head.

“What I want to do is make it bigger and better and more popular.”