A glistening mosaic to honour the inventor of the worldwide has been was unveiled at Sheen Lane Centre.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, originally from East Sheen, revolutionised the world with his invention in 1989.

The mosaic was created by local artist, Sue Edkins, by piecing together hundreds of individually made ceramic pieces.

The artwork, unveiled on Monday, shows three Ws emblazoned over the world with the words “This is for everyone” around the border.

Deputy mayor Councillor Stephen Speak, who was at the event, said: “Sir Tim Berners-Lee is my personal hero. The event was just fantastic and the mosaic was a beautiful piece of work.”

The Mortlake and East Sheen Society commissioned the work and installed it near his birthplace.

Richmond Council cabinet member Councillor Pamela Fleming said: “The worldwide web has revolutionised the way the world works.

“We shop online, socialise online, get our entertainment online, keep informed online and keep in touch online.

“Millions and millions of people go online every second.”