A fast food chain that agreed to carry out daily litter patrols is failing to keep the area tidy, critics have claimed.

The controversial application for KFC in Hampton Hill was given the go ahead by Richmond Council last year, after a long running battle by campaigners to prevent the fried chicken shop opening.

Objectors raised fears over increased noise, traffic, antisocial behaviour and litter causing potential danger to dogs and wildlife, given its proximity to Bushy Park.

Annie Murray chairman of Friends of Bushy and Home Parks said the group was extremely concerned about the amount of litter and did not believe KFC were carrying out the promised clean ups.

She said: "Deer are scavengers. They will eat anything, as was proved at a routine autopsy on a deer in Richmond Park where it was found that the deer’s stomach contained litter and food stuffs dropped by the public.

“Even more dangerous is the effect of cooked chicken bones. These can be fatal to dogs as is well known; the Deer Society and wildlife officers I have spoken to state that they are equally fatal to deer.”

Richard Hall lives and works opposite the takeaway and said he had never seen anyone cleaning up.

He said: “At what point are we going to ask that KFC abide by the conditions of their approval? At what point is the council going to start taking action against this?

“At a time where human rights are being bandied about left, right and centre at what point does this affect my human rights to live in a clean and respectful society?”

A council spokesman said no complaints had been received since February but an inspector visited the site last week and found patches of litter.

The spokesman said: “These were cleaned up and the council will be contacting the manager to ensure that litter is removed promptly. We will be monitoring the situation.”

A KFC spokesman said: “We want to play a positive role in the local community so we take litter very seriously, carrying out regular picks around our Hampton Hill High Street restaurant.

“We’re always looking at how we can improve litter control, and are regularly involved in Keep Britain Tidy initiatives, and we would be happy to discuss alternative solutions to be an asset to the local community.”