Richmond Bridge was closed for more than an hour today after it was believed two girls were attempting to jump off the bridge.

Witnesses said the girls “appeared drunk” and were “messing about” near the edge of the bridge.

One witness said: “Two girls were on the outside of the bridge and two local police got them to come back on to the bridge.

“They were just laughing and screaming. People were telling them to get off of the bridge and two PCSOs arrived, swiftly followed by three fire engines, two ambulances, four police cars and a police van and the bridge was blocked off at both ends.

“We have sat there and watched the local resources for two drunk girls.”

A London Fire Brigade spokeswoman said: “We were called at 2.17pm to reports that some people were threatening to jump off the bridge.

“We sent three fire engines and a couple of fire rescue units. The police led on the incident.”