A 10-year-old boy scout has collected a Len Smith Award for his continual contribution “beyond self” to support his mother and help raise more than £10,000 for charity.

Stephan Mendy, from Twickenham, who joined First Twickenham (All Hallow) Scouts in January, raised money by baking and selling cakes, shaking collection buckets and even persuading his school to support Help for Heroes as one of its charities.

His mother Carol Mendy said: “I am very proud of him. He does work very hard and will work even harder when he is complimented. This was so special that he was a bit overwhelmed.”

Stephan was congratulated by the new Richmond mayor Councillor Meena Bond.

The County Commissioner, Ian Newbery, and the District Commissioner, Mike Pain, also visited the event on May 24 at 14th Richmond Boating Centre.