Hundreds of people lined the streets of Mortlake this afternoon to watch Margaret Thatcher’s hearse carry her body into the crematorium.

The former Conservative Prime Minister’s funeral was held at St Paul’s Catherdral today, April 17, before a private service at Mortlake crematorium.

People in Mortlake got out of their cars and watched as the body was driven past shortly after 4.20pm .

Some people had been waiting at the crematorium’s entrance for almost two hours to catch a last glimpse of the Iron Lady.

Nerys Gash, 52, from Sheen, used to cross the picket line to her NHS job in the 70s.

She said: “I remember when Thatcher came into power I thought ‘we are going to be all right’.

“I loved her courage and conviction and thought we were in safe hands.”

Children from nearby Kew Riverside Primary School were lined up outside their school gates.

Townmead Road in Mortlake will be closed for the rest of the day and Richmond Council has warned people to avoid the route until tomorrow.