Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) without a local authority statement are at risk of permanent exclusion from school, campaigners have warned.

Parents and carers of children with ADHD are working to ensure the new children’s and families bill provides the best services to support those with special needs.

ADHD Richmond has held monthly two-hour meetings to discuss how the bill might affect special education needs provision.

Group co-ordinator Valerie Ivens, 53, from Teddington said: “Children who are diagnosed are rarely recognised within schools, they tend to see it as a behavioural problem with less attention to the underlying need.

“Schools have complete freedom to choose where their funding goes, the worry is that the child could be deferred funding and the statement for educational needs will disappear.”

The group’s discussions will be broadcast on April 16 and 18 from 2pm on BBC Parliament.

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