An Olympic gold medallist caused a splash when he dived into Hampton Pool for a training swim.

Alistair Brownlee spent about an hour doing lengths in the open air pool in High Street, Hampton, and also went for a run around neighbouring Bushy Park when he visited on Monday, April 8.

The triathlete visited the pool with his brother Jonny in September last year, after the pair became the first British siblings to stand on the same Olympic podium in more than a century.

General manager Simon Bailey said Brownlee did not give staff any notice he would be coming to train but said he would always be welcome.

He said: “He came in put his stuff in a locker and went for a swim and run in the park.

“He was friendly and sat around talking to some triathletes who were here. I think one of them even offered to have him round for dinner.

“We have quite a few big names come down here.”

Other swimmers at the 36m heated pool, which is set in two acres of woodland next to Bushy Park, recognised the world class athlete.

Anna Murawska tweeted: “Alistair Brownlee arrives @HamptonPool for a quick change before a run in Bushy Park! #theplacetobe.”

Brownlee fitted in the training session between a weekend in the Yorkshire Dales and getting on a flight to San Diego, where he is due to compete in the World Series event in May.

He has a gold post box in his home town of Horsforth, Yorkshire, and there have been calls for one in Twickenham for the selfless supporting act of Stuart Hayes, who helped the duo across the line in first and third.