An exhibition of photos of local faces with links to the borough is on display at Orleans House Gallery, taken by resident Anne Purkiss.

Mrs Purkiss, who lives near Teddington Lock, says her favourite of the black and white portrait photographs are the less famous faces, as they are the most inspiring.

She says: “It’s a wonderful way of getting to know the area where you live and a wonderful way of getting to know people you would not normally.”

A decade on from her first Local Faces exhibition, this new display features portraits 10 years on and welcomes new faces.

Within the exhibition are some well-known local faces, including Zac Goldsmith MP and Richard Deverell, director at Kew Gardens.

The range of people photographed varies from homeless man, Kenneth Richardson, to wildlife king David Attenborough.

Mrs Purkiss says one of her favourites is the photo of Ian Brown, herdsman at Petersham Meadows, which she feels is a very poignant issue at the moment.

Anyone visiting the exhibition can also join the famous and local faces, as Purkiss will be at Orleans House Gallery one day a week taking photos of visitors to go on the gallery’s fourth wall.

Further photos can be found on Mrs Purkiss’ blog,