The tag line of 42nd Street is ‘come and meet those dancing feet’ and there is no doubt that my own feet were tip-tapping at the end of this 1933 Broadway tap dancing extravaganza.

And it really is classic Broadway – or, at least everything someone who has never seen a Broadway show might expect it to be.

Jam-packed with catchy and jolly numbers, it really was an overwhelming success for the borough’s very own BROS Theatre Company.

For a group normally accustomed to performing at the Hampton Hill Theatre, the step up to the grand stage of Richmond Theatre appeared seamless.

The plot itself – a young girl thrust to the forefront of an ailing Broadway production – is a little contrived and dated but the sheer excitement and glamour more than compensates.

It is worth noting the performances of Suzie Hance, who played chorus-girl-made-good Peggy Sawyer, and leading man Jamie Chidzey.

Directed by Andy Locke, this take on the classic musical really did hit the right notes.

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