The Rugby World Cup is almost over but Bonfire Night is almost upon us - and where better to get smoky than Twickenham's Chicago Rib Shack?

The Richmond and Twickenham Times team were invited to taste the menu at the York Street smokehouse, which opened earlier this year, during the tournament.

Fortunately, it was a quiet night, allowing us all the more time to experience the tasty selection of meats on the menu.

Reporter Tom Ambrose took on the sirloin steak, egg and chips, and found it to be cooked to perfection (medium-rare) with just the right amount of smoky sensation.

Colleague George Odling said: "The beef and ribs were meaty and as smoky as an Autumn bonfire.

"We were recommended the onion loaf, so did as we were told and ordered it.

"What arrived at the table seemed to be an onion bhaji roughly the size of a cinder block, but it was delicious – about a fields’ worth of onions with a crispy batter exterior."

And finally, Becca Taylor found time to raise questions over a lack of side orders for the shared dish.

She added: "One peculiar feature of a meal with Chicago Rib Shack is the lack of sides for a shared dish. "Tucking into ribs of beef, pork and baby back requires some carbs to balance the flavours, but we were only offered one for a meal between four.

"We opted for the Manslaw, a coleslaw with added jalapenos and chorizo.

"It was flavoursome without being too hot, a great accompaniment. "

We even found the space to demolish the luxuriously thick milkshakes for dessert.

Overall, it is fair to say to RTT team left Twickenham feeling well-satisfied and well-fed.